Friday, 13 October 2017

Hello from my Hometown: Join the Wider World

All of us at Dinternal Book and Pearson are really excited about our brand new course for lower-secondary students, Wider World.  To celebrate its launch here in Ukraine, we're also beginning a new competition which will run until October 13th 2017

As part of the competition, we've made a video that you can use with your students in class.  Robert Hartigan, Michael Hudson and I talk about our hometowns in Britain and Ireland and mention the best and worst things about living there.  For example, I talk about the famous Hull City football club.  We've  made a worksheet that you can give to your students, which you can download here along with the competition rules.  To help your students with language for sharing opinions about their hometown, we've also produced a great classroom poster full of useful expressions from Wider World which we'll be giving out to schools.


I hope you and your students enjoy using the materials and learning about the places we're from.  Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions using the comment box below.  I'm sure the competition would also make a great project for those of you who have summer camps with your students and will help introduce your part of this beautiful country to the wider world.  What are the best and worst things about your hometown?  Tell us before the competition closes in October and we could soon be visiting you in person to find out more!

Click here for the competition rules and entry form 

Remember that you need to send us the answers to three things: the video, the listening activity from Wider World and the writing your students do about their hometown.

The poster we've made includes lots of the useful, high-frequency phrases from Wider World, which are great for helping your students sound more natural and fluent when they speak. The book also has video and reading texts based on authentic BBC programmes that answer questions like 'What do the British really eat?', 'Do smartphones make you smarter?' and 'Can school be fun?' If you don't have video facilities in your classroom, you can use them to practise listening work in class and then your students can watch them at home using the extra online homework that comes with both the workbook and MyEnglishLab.

You can see more about the book here.  

Good luck, guys.

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